Bus Station

I’m sitting in the bus station again, pretending to wait for a bus.


There is a squirrel on my bird table and this time I am ready.

The man on the 6:45

The man sitting opposite me is asleep.

I’ve met this guy’s brother

Went into a shop the other day, as you do, and this guys twin brother was serving behind the counter.


I like Dogs. I don’t have one, and I wouldn’t have one even if I could. They are too much of a responsibility and are very restricting. They…


I just like this one.

Otley Victorian Fayre

Procession at Otley Victorian Fayre, 2016. Paper Birds and Dragon

Seaside in Winter

The seaside in the cold


Its come around to that time of year again when its cold in the mornings and the sun is not quite up to getting it warm again.

Internet Spaceships

Dreams of an 8 year-old realised in Eve-Online. Internet Spaceships are great – especially when flown with over 30K other people in the biggest simulated Science Fiction universe on Earth.

Asylum Steampunk Festival

The Asylum Steampunk Festival is the largest and longest running steampunk festival in the World, attracting participants from around the globe.

Human Hamster Balls

This huge ‘Hamster Ball’ that kids can get into and roll around in is quite a common sight at the bigger country fairs. They are called Zorb balls, and rolling around in one is called Zorbing

Punch and Judy

There is something both scary and very funny about Punch and Judy shows


I was wandering through the center of Leeds one day and what should I see out of the courner of my eye but this happy pair.


Silhouette of crows

Faded Honesty

Honesty on a windowsill, Orkneys