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Lake District


I just like this one.


I’ve met this guy’s brother

Went into a shop the other day, as you do, and this guys twin brother was serving behind the counter. I suppose at a similar age I probably looked just as …different, so I shouldn’t really pass judgement.

But then again I’m old so I can say he looked a dork.

Just think, in 40 years time the young of today should have a complete photographic record of their various style changes. Unless of course the hard drive crashes or Apple goes out of business.

In case you are wondering its an Emu.

A character in a Punch and Judy show

Punch and Judy

There is something both scary and very funny about Punch and Judy shows. I saw my first on on holiday on the south coast when I was four and it has stuck with me ever since. I remember being scared of Mr Punches voice, but totally unable to run away because I wanted to see what happened next. I’ve since photographed them whenever I come across them, and to be honest, they still slightly scare me.

  • The Siblings
  • The Other Siblings


I was wandering through the center of Leeds one day and what should I see out of the courner of my eye but this happy pair. I’m not a great fan of tiny babies, much less tiny baby images but I decided to make an exception for these two. Naturally their mother and father were nowhere to be seen so I took a few snaps. This aroused quite alot of interest from passers-by, as an old guy with a big camera photographing tiny helpless infants without so much as asking their parents is the stuff of Daily Mail wet dreams. Several people stopped to ask what I was doing. We discussed it and they all left very quickly – one lady in particular was visibly horrified when I drew her attention to what I was photographing.

You did look carefully didn’t you?  They are life size dolls in a shop window. This is just two of the 100’s they had on sale. Both genders and all colours, totally realistic in ALL respects (I asked) – full body functions and with a £150 upgrade will breath, cry and even defecate after feeding.

The world is a strange place.

Jacldaws in the evening light on the Palentine Hill, Rome


Why should they always be black?

Window sill

Window Vase

Saw this on a window sill in a ‘museum croft’ in the Orkneys. The textures were fantastic and it looks great in mono – mostly because there was not a lot of colour in the image anyway.

Ok. a picture with no artistic merit on my part, but it contains a question that will worry me in the quiet moments of the day for some time to come.

There is a banana on the raidiator. I don’t know why

This website is having had a refresh.

I’ve had this site for almost 16 years and in all that time I have had everything from (badly) hand coded pages to full packages. Not all of them have worked very well, and in some cases I have broken them by just tinkering with them. Its fun though – or at least I think its fun.

This sort of site is called a ‘vanity site’ which the Urban Dictionary defines as  a “Website run by an individual or small group purely for its own amusement. The site may try to promote some cause or idea, though not necessarily. ” In my case it gives me the chance to inflict my hobby and views on a defenceless world audience with very little comeback apart from spam in my email inbox

So, what am I going to actually ‘do’ with this tiny corner of the interwebs? Well to start with I’m going to put some of my totally fantastic images on here so that the world can marvel at my boundless talent. Or not, as the case may be. I might just post pictures of tomatoes.

Anyhow, thanks for reading this far and be happy in the knowledge that apart from me you are the only other person in the world to have read this!!