I’ve had this site for almost 22 years and in all that time I have had everything from (badly) hand coded pages to full packages. Not all of them have worked very well, and in some cases I have broken them by just tinkering with them. Its fun though – or at least I think its fun.

The interwebs have changed from an anarchic cesspit of strange and dangerous ideas, outright lies and disinformation and small bright lights of sheer beauty and innovation. Today its all still there, except for the last two.  For me this website started as a hobby, became a job, then faded into an occasional pastime. I keep it because I have just got used to having it around

So, what do Iactually ‘do’ with this tiny corner of the interwebs?  Well to start with I  put some of my totally fantastic images on here so that the world can marvel at my boundless talent. Or not, as the case may be. I might just post pictures of tomatoes, or rave at the state of the country/world/etc.

This sort of site is called a ‘vanity site’ which the Urban Dictionary defines as  a “Website run by an individual or small group purely for its own amusement. The site may try to promote some cause or idea, though not necessarily. ” In my case it gives me the chance to inflict my hobby and views on a defenceless world audience with very little comeback apart from spam in my email inbox

Anyhow, thanks for reading this far and be happy in the knowledge that apart from me you are the only other person in the world to have read this!!