This huge ‘Hamster Ball’ that kids can get into and roll around in is quite a common sight at the bigger country fairs. Basically a double skinned, air inflated ball made of very heavy clear PVC with a sealable door (so that you can roll on water as well!!), one places ones child inside and they bump around for 10 mins or until they get tired/sick or both. In some places they are on a shallow paddling pool which makes it easier for smaller children to move the ball.

They do not look like the images above though. In daylight they are the generic silver/clear colour of PVC everywhere and make a quite boring picture. However, shift the white balance of the image very slightly suddenly a rainbow of colours appear. Why? Its to do with the way the plastic both filters and polarises the light, and it was not untill I was processing the images that I found this effect. My guess is that this sort of colour shift will occur with other similar clear plastics – those see-through umbrellas for example. We shall see.

Aside from the artistic angle why are these wonderful things restricted to children? I have asked all the stall holders if I could have a go in one – I even offered to pay double the price – but no, its restricted to children. This is not fair.

They are called Zorb balls, and rolling around in one is called Zorbing. Cost about £300-£500 depending on type.