I was wandering through the centre of Leeds one day and what should I see out of the corner of my eye but this happy pair. I’m not a great fan of tiny babies, much less tiny baby images but I decided to make an exception for these two. Naturally their mother and father were nowhere to be seen so I took a few snaps. This aroused quite a lot of interest from passers-by, as an old guy with a big camera photographing tiny helpless infants without so much as asking their parents is the stuff of Daily Mail headlines. Several people stopped to ask what I was doing. We discussed it and they all left very quickly – one lady in particular was visibly horrified when I drew her attention to what I was photographing.

You did look carefully didn’t you?  They are life size dolls in a shop window. This is just two of the 100’s they had on sale. Both genders and all colours, totally realistic in ALL respects (I asked) – full body functions and with a £150 upgrade will breath, cry and even defecate after feeding.

The world is a strange place.